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SafeR Schools including MENTAL HEALTH SUPPORT 


​In this unprecedented time of school shootings, we must rethink how we protect our children.  My solution to this conundrum is technology.  We need the tech sector collaborating  with educators to determine innovative ways to identify guns on campus and alert school authorities, staff and students. If we can get a spacecraft to Pluto and create autonomous vehicles, we can find a nonintrusive way to fortify our schools and keeps kids safe through technology.

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Cheryl James-Ward for San DIego County Board of Education


(Science, Tech, Engineering, Math)

for All

 If we want to ensure our children have access to in demand jobs, then STEM skills are a requirement and not an option. The US Department of Education reports that the number of STEM/STEAM jobs in the United States will grow by 14% from 2010 to 2020, growth that the BLS terns as “much faster" than the national average of 5-8 % across all job sectors.” HuffPost
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Smaller Class size


Class sizes in the San Dieguito High School District have been on the increase in the  last few years as noted below:

2012-15 Master Contract

  • 32 students to 1 certificated teacher for high schools 

  • 29 students to 1 certificated teacher for middle schools


2015-2018 Master Contract

  • 38.4 average for high schools

  • 34.6 average for middle schools

Reducing class size is a must for student learning. Leveraging technology and personalizing learning are ways that we can help schools and teachers maximize student outcomes. 

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A primary duty of a school board member is to be fiscally responsible and ensure the solvency of the school district. The San Dieguito school board is currently deficit spending. If the district continues in this direction, within a few years the district will fall into state receivership.
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Fiscal Transparency and Solvency for our District

Cheryl James-Ward for San Diego County Board of Education
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